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I just can’t maintain the site anymore exness 評判. I have some big initiatives and programs I am working on up here in Omaha, and school is a beast so I am closing up shop. I will leave the site up for commenting till Sunday, and I will leave it up in general for about another month so folks can go back and check old post, and things they may have written for the site.

As always, you can shoot me an email at or give me a call at 402-612-8228.

Hopefully as I get things rolling on some of the projects I am working on I will be following up with some of you guys as resources.

Thanks alot for all the support, the guest post and the fun. It was a great year an a half!

The Problem With Islam By Rasferengi

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The Problem With Islam
By Rasferengi

When the Western press and political pundits speak of Islam they generally speak of radical Shiaism (The Party of Ali) and some radical variant of Sunniism (usually Wahabbi Islam), but these schools are not synonymous with most Muslim beliefs or Islam as a whole. Although both are minorities, the problem we are seeing in the Muslim world is that both of these movements are gaining adherents and quickly. This is a type of reverse reformation. There are several factors influencing this movement, residual effects from Cold War politics, the ease of information due to the internet, and general political/social oppression in many Muslim countries.

I do not believe the way Islam is currently practiced in the majority of Muslim countries is conducive to democracy, the primary reason is that every Muslim country but for Malaysia, Turkey, and maybe Kyrgyzstan have no concept of pluralism. The issue is not secularism, it is pluralism. If people in society can not accept the concept that there can be different opinions and thoughts that can coexist in the same space without one dominating or suppressing the other you will never have a civil society and therefore no democracy. (more…)

Black Pathologies And Unemployment By Chance

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Black Pathologies And Unemployment
By Chance, Chancellorfiles

Chance: The employment rate for many young black men is very low, many American employers prefer to hirer immigrants, Mexicans, and other Hispanics over black males when it comes to low paying jobs. Many low paying jobs are semi skilled typed jobs that pay above minimum wage — but not enough to lift the employee up to the level of middle class. Minimum wage jobs are also low paying jobs; you can not make a decent living working a minimum wage job. Immigrants, Mexicans, and other Hispanics are often preferred over blacks when it comes to employment at minimum wage jobs, and not because of coincidence either - there are many reasons why employers prefer immigrants over blacks. Some of the reasons are because immigrants work for lower wagers, lingering racism, employers not wanting to give benefits, black pathologies, etc the reality is, that many employers view black males in a negative way. (more…)

A Pic for the Weekend

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By Mark Bey

I believe that we black folk can fund a cure for aids. I have no idea how long it will take But imagine this, what if some progressive group of black folks as well as our social organizations got together to educate black people totally and thoroughly about aids. How is it contracted and how to protect ourselves from it? For those already infected where to get treatment and medication at. Such an initiative, I hope would fall under a larger promotion or effort to improve the quality of health and life for African Americans.

As a way of raising money I?�m thinking we could hold a telethon to raise money for this initiative. I?�m thinking something along the lines of those ?�United Negro College Fund??

Telethons that Lou Rawls use to host. However this telethon would be aimed at raising money to find a cure for aids, getting those already infected treated as well as bringing an overwhelming focus on this disease with the goal of ending its reign of terror over the world. The black church would have a huge role to play in an effort such as this one. It will be necessary to create and develop partnerships and cooperation with churches and our other social organizations who are already working on this issue in an aggressive way. . (more…)

Small Business Owners

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I switched sites from to a free blog based site and am updating resource links. If any of you guys who do the business and small business thing have links to any sites or sources you think would be helpful to small business owners drop them in a comment.

The new site is

I am filling out the links and sections now then I will be adding articles later.

BLACK METAL: The Holocaust Conference, 2006 By Xyborg

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BLACK METAL: The Holocaust Conference, 2006 By Xyborg

…Holocaust deniers and skeptics from around the world gathered at a government-sponsored conference here Monday to discuss their theories about whether six million Jews were indeed killed by the Nazis during World War II and whether gas chambers existed…In a speech opening the two-day conference, Rasoul Mousavi, head of the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s Institute for Political and International Studies, which organized the event, said the conference was an opportunity for scholars to discuss the subject “away from Western taboos and the restriction imposed on them in Europe”…The Foreign Ministry had said that 67 foreign researchers from 30 countries were scheduled to take part. Among those speaking on Monday were David Duke, the American white-supremacist politician and former Ku Klux Klan leader, and Georges Thiel, a French writer who has been prosecuted in France over his denials of the Holocaust…

Tehran, Iran
11 December 2006

To be Black is to occupy the supreme vantage from which to apprehend the total process of History and nowhere is this more acutely the case than when examining the Nazi Holocaust of European Jewry. An apocalyptic annihilation of millions of seemingly innocent people as framed in the Western imagination is ~ when refracted through a Black cognitive prism ~ seen for what it truly was: a struggle NOT between the forces of ?�Good??and ?�Evil??as has been falsely depicted but an ignoble planetary scrap between a Greater and Lesser of Two Evils ~ but ?�Evils??all the same. For it is a fact which cannot be gainsaid that white European Jews of the Nazi period ~ when confronted with the Colour Question ~ had attitudes and prejudices NO different from those held by white European Gentiles and that most, if not all, of the Jewish victims of the Nazi genocide were every bit as bigoted in their racial attitudes as their Waffen-SS murderers. And while this doesn?�t in any way excuse their slaughter it does help to set it in the proper moral perspective. (more…)

Who The Hell Am I? Has Jay-Z Outgrown Hip-Hop? By Wize Intelligent

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Since it’s Friday and you have two days over the week, why not double you up? This is why Wize Intelligent, of the former group Poor Righteous Teachers is my second favorite EMCEE. Wize is responding to an article on Jay-Z, growing up in hip hop, and making it found. Checkout the original if you get a chance too.

Who The Hell Am I? Has Jay-Z Outgrown Hip-Hop?
By Wize Intelligent

This is a very well written, informative, and at the same time, inquisitive article. It reached its goal in provoking the thoughts of its reader, while at the same time inducing the reader with the opinion of the author. The less-observant reader will no doubt be persuaded to think that Hip Hop does not want to see the end result of the struggle (represented by Jay-Z, to the writer), and desires more so to continue in an infinite cycle of purposeless “ballin”, “hustlin”, and “coming-up!”

However, this is where this journalist and I disagree. Its not that Hip Hop does not want to see anyone fulfill their “dreams,” its actually the fact that Hip Hop in its origin, at its root, deeply imbedded in its subconscious lies the precepts of its “original doctrine” which is “ACTIVISM.” Hip Hop, like the BPP, CIBI, OAAU, etc., began as a “movement” to empower poor ghetto youth in America and eventually the world, with the result being defined here as the “upward mobility” of the “masses” and not the “individual” alone.

So the writer is correct when he says that “What Jay-Z has become is a dream materialized.” But, the “dream” of Hip Hop was to see the “community” in a better place and not just one “nigga.” What Jay-Z has achieved is nothing more than the “American-Dream”, defined here as “the accumulation of personal wealth solely for the upward mobilization of the individual.” This “Amerikkkan Dream” has been achieved by many of “niggas” before Hip Hop was born. (more…)

BLACK TO THE FUTURE II: “Ontology of the Matrix” by Xyborg

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BLACK TO THE FUTURE II: “Ontology of the Matrix” by Xyborg

Blackness is the most ?�futuristic??/strong> of all modes of Human identity. Having founded much of the politics of Black Pride on the manifold contributions to human civilisation of our African past, the time has now arrived for a metamorphosis in the ways in which we conceptualise ourselves. Black identity has now matured to the point where its meaning and worth no longer derives from any historical accomplishments but instead consists in Itself. This ?�ontology??of who we are is our New Narrative and where the future of our personhood now lies. We need no longer base our self-worth on any ?�great African past?? real or imagined, but should instead look to the manifold ways in which contemporary Human culture has come to idealise and depict Blackness as symbolic of everything futuristic, stylistic or otherwise desirable. As an ontology of Human identity, Blackness has no rivals. There is no other ethnicity which lends itself to such creativity and experimentation as our own. Blackness is the very avante garde of all Human forms of Being and it has not been for nothing that the world has instinctively looked to us for clues as to where the future of the global Self lies. Indeed, when one reflects on it, Being itself is a form of ?�Blackness?? It is not merely the case that the Human finds his anthropological origins on the African continent; the very ontology of Being is just as ?�Black??and to be a Person at all is to be existentially ?�African?? This futurist conception of the Black Self must now form the basis of our humanity going forward and will make us into the very first people on our planet to draw their personhood not from any geographical location without but from an existential one within. This was always going to be the future of our Being for it was the very purpose of our past. We were meant to suffer the racially-motivated dehumanisation that we did in order that we would eventually be shorn of a Self-hood drawn from a physical setting on this planet and instead find meaning in the very fact of our Being as against what that Being could show our tormentors it was worth or had otherwise accomplished…

Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Red: Is Leadership Different?

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Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Red: Is Leadership Different Anywhere?
By Dell Gines

One of the phenomenons that I have been attacking recently has been the trend of isolating Black Americans and evaluating them as isolated units unique and seperate from the ups, downs and impacts that the broader culture of America imposes on its citizens. What this form of isolation does foremost is present Blacks as a composite of overt negative stereotypes in which nothing outside of the ‘Black group’ impacts the group, and therefore the group is behind or has problems solely due to its own failures as a group. In conjunction with this stereotyping, the isolation also leads the broader American society to evaluate Blacks and Black communities against abstract perfections of ‘the way things should be done’. When Black communities do not live up to those the abstract perfections, their inability to do so gives additional ammunition to the critics who condemn Black communities for their ‘failures’ and reinforces the “Blacks are bad because of this” mentality so pervasive in America today.

The general American perspective on Black leadership is a case in point. The common discussions on Black leadership tend to center on Black unity amongst the leadership and criticisms of the lack of it. When Black leaders publicly do not get along, have differences of opinion, or differences of vision people begin leveling charges such as “that?�s why we or they can not get ahead” or ?�we need to come together and be on the same page and stop the crabs in the bucket syndrome”. On the other side of the coin, the majority tends to target individuals or groups within the Black communities of America and identify them as the sole arbiters of what Black folks are thinking on issues. The assumption is that if a so-called Black leader says it, it must be the general consensus amongst Blacks as a whole; IE Blacks are homogenous group thinkers. (more…)

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